Saturday, July 11, 2015

I just finished making a quilt for my granddaughter, Lizzie. The pattern is called "Sparkle" and Lizzie definitely sparkles.  The pattern was relatively easy. One small block that when put together with three more like it, makes the bigger colored block. The white blocks are made the same way, just turn the white edge to the inside of the block. Simple!!

I love the vibrant colors in this quilt!

One more picture of the front...

I used a lime green thread to quilt it. You would be surprised how lime green thread blends into the other colors and leaves the blocks to be the focal point.

The backing fabric was a real find! It has every color from the front in it and is modern and full of energy.

I was just a little short of the backing fabric, so I made a 4 inch stripe of all the colors from the front. 

I worked out well and gives the back a little pizazz!

I love how it looks!

One last shot of the front!  Now I can move on to my next project...a chicken quilt. I know strange but cute.

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