Sunday, November 22, 2015

Family Reunion Quilt

My son-in-law's family had a family reunion during the summer. My daughter asked if I would help put together a quilt to be given to her in-laws for Christmas.  She showed me their family T-shirt, which was navy blue with yellow and white writing. I suggested she buy some white and some yellow fabric and cut it into 12 1/2 inch squares, then use blue fabric paint for each of the family members to print their hands on a square. (Actually, the hand prints were her original idea. I just told her how.)  My friend, Carol, from Just Let Me Quilt, embroidered a block that said, "Mom and Dad - With love from all of us".

I bought navy blue fabric to be used as sashing and the border and a funky fabric for the backing that matched the yellow, hand print blue and and navy blue. I quilted around each hand print, then meandered in the rest of the block. I did a continuous heart pattern for the borders.

Here's how it turned out.