Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just spent a fun week with my amazing three grandsons, ages 5, 9, and 11. The highlight of the week for them was going to the Washington County Fair. The theme of the fair was "Superheroes" and they had people dressed up as the Avengers!  Our 5 year old's favorite superhero is Captain America, so he was super-excited to meet him!

Meanwhile, I entered two quilts in the exhibits. The first one was the one I made last year in memory of my Mom, called "Circle of Life".  It won First Place in the bed-sized category, and also won the grand Sweepstakes ribbon. You've seen this quilt earlier.

The second quilt was one I just finished. It's called "Hen Party" and I made it from a class I took at the Panquitch Quilt Festival in June. I thought it was appropriate for a county fair.  I always think of homespun exhibits, farm produce, etc when I think of county fairs. Anyway, I quilted it with what looked like a chicken wire pattern. It turned out really cute. I won First Place in the wall-hanging category for this one!  Boy, was I surprised!! Haha!

I sewed little black buttons on the chicken for eyes. Don't they look cute?

I love the way the quilting turned out. I tried a more squared off chicken pattern, but it was too difficult. My husband helped me come up with this design that looks more like chain link fence, but it works.

 Here's my ribbon attached to the picture above.

The backing was pretty, too.

Below are the ribbons.